And Bugaboo makes Two

Well, it’s official. I am an aunt, again. I now have two beautiful nieces. They are two peas in a pod. They look nearly identical. They have the same family nose, same family ears, and same family dark hair.

Born in the wee small hours of the morning, she has a cute button nose and curly dark brownish hair. It was amazing to see her hours after she had been born since I didn’t get the opportunity when her big sister was born.   Ten little fingers and ten little toes all swaddled in a little pink and blue blankie with a pink and blue hat.

The night before she was born DB came to stay with us for an over night. Her mom and dad had gone to the hospital while she was in school. When Ama and Bapa picked her up and they told her where her parents were, she said, “ I know my baby sister is going to be born today.” Well, more like twelve hours later, but who’s counting.

When DB awoke the next morning, she was a big sister. After learning what her name was, as her parents kept it a secret until the birth, DB began making cards for her new sister.

Cards are DB’s newest arts and craft project. It started when I made a card while she was coloring in one of her Trolls coloring book. Once she saw how I made one, she was hooked. She loves making cards for everyone including her pre-school friends, her friends at soccer, her family members and sometimes even for her princess dolls.

Once her cards for her sister, her father and mother were completed, we all piled into the car and went to the hospital to see the newest member of the “bug” family.   DB was overcome with love as she saw her sister for the first time. At that moment, I knew that the unconditional love that I have as an aunt is nothing compared to that of one sister to another.

Welcome to the world, Bugaboo.

I love you Doodlebug and Bugaboo.


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