Bath time is lots of fun

After being away for the first two and half years of Doodlebug’s life, I was excited when she would have sleepovers. The majority of the time this meant bath time. At first, she had a few toys and bubble bath to “play” with. I remember my bath time fun with of course the quintessential rubber ducky. She didn’t have those at first, but eventually they made their way into the tub.

Bath times got even better when I introduced “bath sprinkles”, bathtub paints and bathtub soaps. All of which were homemade and ideas that I saw online at Pinterest. Pinterest is definitely the best place to find ideas for toddlers and arts and crafts. I first made the “bath sprinkles” as they came to be named after I found out DB’s love for real sprinkles. Her favorite kinds of sprinkles are chocolate of course. Since I couldn’t make chocolate sprinkles for the bath, I decided to make something specifically for our bath time fun.

Honestly, it’s the easiest thing to make out of the three bath time fun supplies. Bath sprinkles are made with two easy ingredients. Epsom salts and food coloring.   That’s it. I started with the plain Epsom salts and gel food coloring. I’ve now moved into using the scented Epsom salts now that DB had a better nose for smelling. I recently used Eucalyptus and Lavender. Both of which were a hit. I simply place a cup or so of Epsom salts with the gel food coloring in a plastic Ziploc bag, seal the bag and mix the two together. Very simple and very entertaining to a two and half year old back then and now to the five and a half year old.

The making of the bathtub paint was simple as well and another Pinterest find. Again, very few ingredients and easy to make. It contains baby shampoo or baby body wash combined with cornstarch, water and of course, gel food coloring. Before adding the gel food coloring, I combined all the ingredients and then separated into small Tupperware containers. Then I added a variety of colors and mixed. Some times the shampoo/body wash would separate from the cornstarch. It was easy to remix again or add a little bit of water to thin it out. Painting was done either with a paintbrush or fingers. The fingers were definitely preferred in the beginning. Slowly as DB became more dexterous, she switched over to paintbrushes.

And the last bathtub fun item that I’ve created for DB was soap. You’d think something as mundane and simple as soap would not entertain a child for over an hour in the tub, but it does and has. The first soaps that I made were Disney’s Frozen themed. I simply bought a silicone mold that had Olaf in it and put melted glycerin soap that had been dyed blue in it, allowed it to cool and voila. DB is also way into Legos. So again, I bought two different Lego molds with the little figurines and Lego pieces. Dyed more melted glycerin soap and allowed them to cool. The figures and pieces I made in a variety of pinks, purples, a few blues and yellows. She loved them. Again it was another simple idea from Pinterest that manages to keep a small child in the bathtub for at least an hour. Of course, after an hour and pruny fingers, it’s time to get out.

I’m sure there will be a day in which there will be no more bath time fun and no more bath arts and crafts. For now, I enjoy the time I spend making the items for DB and the time we spend playing with them in the tub.

I love you Doodlebug!

*Just a note about the bathtub paint. The tub/shower we have is white. The paint has yet to stain either the tub or the grout in the shower. It simply washes off with water and a Disney princess washcloth, or whichever kind of washcloth you might have.

The “bath sprinkles” also haven’t stained the tub/shower, but I do use a sponge and occasionally a cleanser so that other bathtub users don’t sit in any of the leftover sprinkles.


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