To green thumb or not to green thumb…

Not everyone has a green thumb. But if you were born into my family, a green thumb comes naturally. I have fond memories gardening at my grandparent’s house. They had an enormous yard of flowers and vegetables. This spilled over into the house that I grew up in. My father’s green thumb is an amazing one. I’ve also got a green thumb. Thankfully it has continued through the generations into our little Doodlebug. She even has her own pair of princess gardening gloves.

When she came over for her one of her bi-weekly visits, she insisted she help Bapa out in the yard. He’s been busily prepping the yard for bark. This entails hours and hours over several months of weeding, mowing the grass and edging all the gardens. There are several.

Before she helped Bapa, Ama and I went and bought her own gardening bag. The bag, pink of course, included its own shovel, hoe and spray bottle. We also bought her a new gardening chair. Pink with butterflies and she loves it. In order to make the ensemble complete, she had to bring her gardening gloves from home. They weren’t any ordinary gardening gloves mind you. They were pink and purple with Disney princesses, of course.

Just when I thought we were all set to get started, she says that she has to fill her spray bottle with water. Not sure why, but I’ve learned not to question her motives. So with her princess gardening gloves, bag with her tools and spray bottle with water and chair in hand, she trotted off to the backyard to help Bapa garden. You’d think that carrying all of her accessories would tire the young child out. Not a chance with this one.

In preparation for her helping to garden, I went out and weeded a pile of weeds for her to pick up with her tools. She happily picked them up with her princess gardening gloves along with her two gardening tools and put them in the weed bucket. She then proceeded to take her spray bottle and spray the flowers in the garden. All of the flowers in the garden, at least all the ones she deemed flowers.

As she begins to spray all of the flowers, she says, “I’m helping the garden grow. That is my power promise.” Well, said Doodlebug. The gardening lasted about 45 minutes. After that Auntie, Bapa and Ama were exhausted after the long day. She on the other hand still wanted to keep spraying all the flowers and pick up weeds.

I love you Doodlebug.


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