Sisterly Love

In a few short weeks, Doodlebug will be a big sister. She’ll have a little sister that I’ll be calling Bugaboo. With the new addition arriving soon, a baby shower was scheduled. On one of DB’s weekly visits, she asked if she could get something for her sister as a gift. Well, that just set off my arts and crafts spinning wheels.

Sure we could take her to the store and find some cute outfit or stuffed animal for her to give her sister. I thought that she should make something that would be more meaningful and magical. It should be something that her sister would cherish for always.

So what’s the first thing that I do? Scan Pinterest, of course. Love Pinterest. Found so many amazing arts and crafts ideas, not only for myself, but for DB as well. She loved making her magical wands aka painted Popsicle sticks with glow-in-the-dark star stickers. There were tons of ideas, but one stood out. I found a pin with a painted canvas with the word L-O-V-E on it. This would be perfect.

I showed DB the idea and suggested that instead of the word LOVE, we would substitute it with the word SISTERS. She loved the idea. When I asked her what colors would she like to paint the canvas, she said, “My sister would love pink and purple.”

And with that, I made a trip to one of my favorite craft stores. I managed to find three pink and purple hued paints that I was sure DB would love. That was the easy part. Painting the canvas would be the only thing DB would be doing. The most challenging of this project was writing SISTERS on the canvas and then blocking it out with masking tape. The idea is to paint the canvas with color and then when it dried remove the making tape leaving the word in the original white canvas.

Despite it taking me several hours to tape off the word SISTERS as well as two hearts above it, when I showed it to DB she expressed utmost elation. It hadn’t even been painted and she was thrilled with it.

Painting of the canvas was comical. But everything with DB is. I put out the three paints and paint brushes. Usually when DB’s paints, it’s all over the joint. This day, she was very methodical and aware of where to paint and where not to paint. She put certain colors on certain places of the canvas. Then it was time to blend. She had no idea what “blending” was. After a few minutes, she got the hang of it.

Now came patience. The canvas had to dry. I’m sure, as you all know, patience and children don’t necessary “blend” together. However, DB, even at age five, has mastered the art of patience. Even if it meant that she would have to wait two days to see the final product.

Once the canvas was dried, I peeled the tape off the canvas. I then outlined the letters and the hearts to make it stand out a bit more. When it was all said and done, DB was awestruck with the result. “It’s so beautiful”, she said. “My sister is gonna wove it.” Indeed, Doodlebug. Indeed.

I love you Doodlebug.


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