Visits..One thumb up or Two?

As many parents or caregivers (we’ll use PC for short) of small children know, the ultimate test that one will need to pass to bring up a child smoothly is potty training. With DB, it started around three and a half years old. She was eased into training pants and then into the small “turtle” children’s potty.

Some PC’s use treats in order to train the children into using the potty. Food wasn’t one of the treats that we used. We used stickers. This kid loves stickers. So being the #BestAuntEver . I made a Potty Sticker Chart, because what else would I do to help my little DB? Every time she went in her mini-turtle potty or the big girl potty, she got stickers. She couldn’t get off the proverbial pot fast enough to get a sticker on her chart, her hands or her arms. Because one sticker on a chart was not enough!

The potty chart and stickers lasted until she was fully potty trained. The excitement of getting a sticker wore off after she got into big girl underwear. Fast forward to age five and now we have “visits”.

Visits are times when DB is sitting on the pot going potty but she wants company. They first started with Ama sitting on the back of the bathtub and two to three minute conversations or long enough to get the deed done. Visit conversations varied from what happened at school the previous day or what activities were done over the weekend. Sometime conversations were minimal and others were full on, right down to the last detail.

Typical visits are only a few minutes. However, there are times when the visits last much longer. Some visits can last up to 30 minutes. Now you can only imagine what the conversations are for these long visits. Again, most of these “visits” are DB on the pot and Ama sitting on the back of the bathtub. Recently she started having me come in with her for her famous visits. Make no mistake though, Ama still has her visits, but now DB has come up with a signal to designate, which one of us comes in with her. Thumbs signals. One thumb up indicates that it’s Ama’s turn for a visit. Two thumbs up means that I have a turn in the bathroom.

More often than not, the visit’s are one thumb visits. Whether they are one thumb or two thumbs, the visits are special and unique. I’m sure there will come a time when the visits will stop, but for now we all cherish them and laugh hysterically at their content.

I love you Doodlebug.

P.S. Please note that the above photo is the front side of the “potty” chart that I created for DB. I edited out her name and put DB. Wish I had taken a photo of the reverse side that had the Number 1 and Number 2 along with their stickers.


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