The Doc is in………

If any of you have small children, then you may be aware of the Disney show, Doc McStuffins. It’s a regularly watched show at this house. It started when the Doodlebug was just a wee three years old.

Back then she called it Doc Fuffins. Of course, in order to be a real “Doc Fuffins”, she had to have the doctor kit. The kit includes a doctor bag, a magical stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, a syringe, an otoscope, and a bandage cuff. Somewhere along the line she also acquire a pager (More on that later).

There were many a play times that included the Doc Fuffins doctor kit. Everyone in the household has had multiple “check-ups”. Whether we are well or sick, we get check-ups.

Fast forward to age five. She now has check-up days that have started to include her dolls. DB wanted Ama to start writing, “chart notes” for all her dolls. This was like Nurse Hallie writing in the “Big Book of BooBoos” on the show. So Ama started creating “charts” for all of the dolls that had come to the house that day. Chart notes included the doll’s name, what was wrong with them, and what was needed to make them feel better. This lead to creating her own “Big Book of BooBoos.” A pink with sparkles Booboos book. She was thrilled.

The next doctor day started to involve surgeries. She now has her pager clipped to her t-shirt. She presses a button and an alarm goes off. “Emergency surgery”, she says. She runs to her room and gather’s several patients. She lays them on the couch, each with their own blankets. She then goes to each and every one of them to see what is wrong with them. This day “Elena of Avalor” was sick. She fell off her boat?? The imagination of this kid is insane.

Apparently, when she fell of her boat, a crocodile bit her arm. So, DB has to do surgery in order to reattach Elena’s arm. She begins by putting a blanket over her, just like Doc does in the cartoon. She then starts using all her “doctor” tools. “This is going to take awhile, it’s really bad,” she says. Several minutes later, she says, “It took a while, it was pretty bad, but I fixed it. She will be in the hospital for 5 days.”

And of course, all of this went into DB’s Big Book of Booboos. Not every day is a doctor day, but when it is rest assures that all the dolls (and humans) will be taken care of with extreme gentleness and affection. They will all get blankets and their turn with the Nurse for a diagnosis and in the extreme cases, surgery with Doctor Doodlebug.

It’ll be interesting to see what this little girl becomes in her adult life.

I love you Doodlebug.


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