Bubba, Magic in the Middles and Nintendo Play

Sleepovers are a frequent occurrence with DB. Most of the time it’s just one night. This weekend she spent two nights. What does that mean? It means that not only does she bring her favorite blankies, but she also brings her “entourage”. I’m not talking the kitchen sink of entourages. I’m talk about an entourage that could fill a bathtub. But it makes her happy, so it’s all-good.

Her entourage arsenal included two blankies, Judy Hopps (from Zootopia), both her Moana and Elena of Avalor dolls, as well as her entire Nintendo plush toys (we’ll get back to that later). All these playful treasures for just two nights.

And then there’s Bubba. Bubba is a stuffed giraffe….in a pink tutu. Because what else would he be wearing, right? When asked why a pink tutu, the response was simply “Because he needed something to wear.” Of course, he does. This was Bubba’s first sleepover away from home. He definitely got a little more special treatment than the others. At least, I think he did.

After being introduced to Bubba, the weekend started with an afternoon of baking. I try to do at least one baking activity with her when she comes over, especially on sleepover nights. We had gone through King Arthur Flour’s Cookie Companion Cookbook and she chose “Magic in the Middles”. Two words people – Chocolate (the Magic) and Peanut butter (the Middle). She was sold the second I said chocolate. It’s her absolute favorite.

When we make cookies together, she loves putting all the ingredients into the mixer, with supervision of course. She will recite facts that she’s learned from past baking experiences. “You crack the eggs outside the main mixing bowl so the eggshells don’t get into the batter.” Still amazed that she’s only five.

With the magic dough made, we started on the “middle”. Her patience was astounding. It took all my strength not to eat the middle, which was comprised of peanut butter and powdered sugar. Uh, yum! Combining the middle into the magic was a little tricky. She didn’t care she was just excited to eat them once they came out of the oven. After managing to get the middle into the magic, I had her roll them in sugar. Because, yes. Everything is better rolled in white crystals of deliciousness. And she agreed. The result: chocolaty, peanut butter goodness all over her face and nothing but a smile from ear to ear. “This is super good,” she said, as she gobbled up every last crumble of cookie magic.

And now to the pièce de résistance and no I’m not talking about the cookies. “Nintendo play.” When these words came out of DB’s mouth. I thought now this is going to be interesting. First, let’s define our terms. Nintendo is Japanese multinational consumer electronics and Software Company and one of the world’s largest video game companies. The word play has several different meanings. My thought was a theatrical production. Hmm.. So a theatrical production about a Japanese video gaming company? Not sure this wasn’t exactly what the five-year-old was thinking. So, of course, I asked. Now asking can go in soooo many different directions. You really never know what or where it’s going to go.

“So, a play about Nintendo?”, I ask.

“No, silly, play Nintendo.” She says.

“So we are going to play a Nintendo game?” I inquire further.

“No, we are going to play Nintendo with my dolls” She says.

“Ahh, okay.” I said. Clearly, I don’t speak Nintendo play.

This is where her dozen or so Nintendo plush toys come to the party. You see, her father, my brother works for Nintendo. He gets the toys from the Nintendo store. Now she knows all of their names and whom they all relate to and which game they belong to. I’m lucky if I can remember the names of my Cabbage Patch dolls, let alone to whom they were related.

It was a busy weekend with my little Doodlebug. Many other adventures, but none quite as “theatrical” as the ones I’ve just described to you.

I love you Doodlebug.


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